Cheminent through the underlying brightness but has "Broken Light" by Allyson Clay

By Michel D'Encausse.

Right here in oneself, the world is there, visible and invisible, the adventure of a ray of light, taste, the flow from the still. 
The immemorial now, what remains whatever happens, Mirror mirror before and look behind the eyes are one, only the reflections create the world. 
Calligraphy which leads to reveal or to lose, salvation or the labyrinth, hello inside the maze as soon as consciousness allows itself to be itself. 
Calligraphy of self-giving, the layout, updating the book of life. 
Once the giant letters, perpetual, are more readable, more visible, the Labyrinth unfolds. 
Maze of our thoughts and our actions goes everywhere without going anywhere. 
The world is a mirror of the soul, but without wisdom, the soul can only look without seeing, without really know. 
gaze contemplating this cascade of mirrors or those fleeting illuminations glosses over these reflective surfaces, without support, the ephemeral can not restrain him, he can only perform the overview, the rest being the ice water landscapes breathtaking. 
It was while contemplating the whole work that can be achieved, savor the invisible light, in itself and lead to the "mirror of simple souls annihilated" by Marguerite Porete. 
Sign Light , traces of gaze, asceticism is very pleasant here, which is deformed is not for long, just continue his quest to walk to the transparency and light reflective material and the ease of cutting The translucent corridor of the work, outweigh the pictures. 
The smile of the artist is indeed present here, culture is also invigorating as a walk in Vancouver between the trees and the ocean.

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